‘Tautochronos’ : Photography by Michel Lamoller

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"Why do police have quotas? If a doctor went around intentionally sneezing on people to get more patients, that would be seen as a travesty to their profession. But police, can sit around and wait for someone to turn on a red light or commit other mundane ‘offenses’ because they have quotas to meet. Quotas are all the proof we need that policing is not a public service vocation; it’s a business and a subsidiary of Wall Street."

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sculpture garden, majorca, spain, architectural digest summer 1979


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My fav gif ever


My fav gif ever

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An European Lynx had a feline friend who came to visit her everyday at the Leningrad (St Petersburg) Zoo, the oldest zoo in Russia. The calico cat bonded with the Lynx on the first day they met. They have been inseparable since. Now they are living together at the Zoo.

According to the local people, the calico was homeless and happened to find food in the lynx’s enclosure. The lynx did not reject her, rather she became her best friend. It seems as if the cat needs the lynx as much as she needs her. The zoo adopted the cat so that she and her lynx friend could live together.


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